Cut Flower Gardening: Growing Flowers For Others

Over the last few growing seasons, I have worked to hone my flower growing skills in my small urban backyard. While having a cut flower farm of my own has always been a goal of mine, it simply isn’t realistic at this time for a variety of reasons. Still, this does not mean I cannot continue to grow my collection of annual and perennial flowering plants for cut flower arrangements. This year, I plan to grow with one very specific goal in mind.

Growing Flowers to Donate

While it’s true that I love to share what I’ve learned about growing flowers through articles and across various social media platforms, my true passion in cut flower gardening has always been giving them away. From the time I arranged my very first vase of blooms, I loved the feeling of making someone else smile and being able to brighten their day in some small way.

I’m frequently asked why I don’t sell the cut flower plants I grow. Though it is true that growing flowers on a larger scale can be a lucrative option, my backyard space is simply too small to consistently produce enough flowers to sell throughout the growing season. Instead, I have focused, in the past, on flower donations to nursing homes and hospitals. In the coming year, however, I intend to invest fully in this cause.

Thanks to contributions to FRESHCUTKY on Patreon, as well as from views gained through my YouTube channel, I am able to fund this effort. After having planted over one thousand flowering bulbs last fall, plans for the summer donation flower cutting garden are beginning to take shape.

While I know that this decision will require more time and effort, I am eager to begin the process of transforming my flower cutting garden into one that is both purposeful and productive. As always, I am forever thankful for those who view my gardening content and support my unique gardening journey. I cannot wait to share what our small garden community has united to create!

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