Early Spring Blooms: Top 7 Early Blooming Flowers For Your Garden

After a long and cold winter, many gardeners find themselves
longing for the arrival of the first flowers of spring. For many, these early
blooming flowers serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the upcoming
growing season. However, in order to enjoy masses of beautiful early spring
blooms, growers will need to plan ahead. This means the planting of flowering
bulbs in the fall and the establishment of early-blooming perennial plants in
the years prior.

Though it will require some investment, planning a garden
filled with early blooming flowers will be quite the visual treat at a time
just when you need it.

Flowers That Bloom Early

Here are some of my favorite plants for early
spring blooms:

– Pansies
are among the first flowers to begin blooming in the spring. Most commonly
grown as an annual, many growers can plant in fall and overwinter pansies for
early spring blooms. Pansies can also easily be started from seed, which makes
them a cost-efficient option.

– Also known as Lenten rose, hellebore
plants are small with delicate flowers that bloom early. The color of
hellebore blooms will range in shades of whites, yellows, and dark burgundy.
Many varieties also exhibit interesting speckling and color splashes on the

– In many regions, crocus
bulbs are among the first flowers to bloom. Often, these early spring
blooms can even be seen after they have pushed their way to the surface through
snow. Like other spring flowering bulbs, crocus corms will need to be planted
in the fall. With proper treatment, these plants will return for several years
and may even naturalize when conditions are right.

– Likely the most popular plant on this list, the emergence of daffodils
is synonymous with the arrival of spring. Early blooming varieties of daffodils
are an especially welcome sight after long periods of cold weather. Some of the
earliest blooming cultivars include ‘Tete a Tete,’ ‘Little Gem,’ and ‘February

– While there are several different types of anemone,
many of them bloom very early in the spring. Depending upon your growing zone,
both the blanda and coronaria types can be planted in the fall for late winter
and spring blooms. Both types of anemone can be grown in locations which
receive part shade, making them a versatile addition to the flower garden.

Witch Hazel
– Witch
hazel is a deciduous shrub most commonly known for its vibrant color and
fragrance. Witch hazel is unique in that it often blooms late in the winter.
This intense “pop” of yellow color is a much welcome addition to the home landscape.

– Much like witch hazel, forsythia
bushes produce bright yellow blooms. These fast-growing shrubs are
beautiful when planted in rows and make an excellent small privacy screen.
Forsythia bushes thrive with minimal maintenance; however, they may need
routine pruning in order to maintain the desired size and shape.

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