Garden Resolutions: Garden Goals For The New Year

Okay, I’ll admit it straight up: I am someone who loves making New Year’s resolutions. Or birthday resolutions or goals for the academic year or the spring. Do I have New Year’s garden resolutions? Of course, I do!

New Year Goals and Garden Resolutions

I have always love organizing my energy into different streams that allow me to work toward ends that are important to me. Even more, I love taking the time to evaluate my life and determine what I need to do to make it better.

I’ve never believed I would win the lottery or inherit a fortune. And, maybe because of the lack of faith, I never have. But I’ve changed my life in constructive, creative ways – big and small – by making goals and working toward them.

As a Taurus, working the soil and helping plants grow is an important part of my life. “Do more gardening” often wedges its way into my top five New Year goals, but it’s much better to craft garden resolutions that are more specific. For example, a goal like “start a compost bin” is much more likely to get done than a goal like “do more ecological things in the backyard.”

One reason these specific resolutions are more productive is that they are completable. Once you construct a compost bin, you can cross the goal off your list with a decisive stroke of the red pen. While “do more ecological things in the backyard” is never really done.

Current Garden Goals for the New Year

This year, I am limiting myself to three main garden goals for the New Year. More is tempting, but then the resolutions begin to fall into the category of daydreams. I want three solid goals that can be crossed off over time. These are the current top contenders for the year ahead:

Learn how to prune a plum tree and then prune mine.Put in a persimmon tree.Create a vertical garden along one of the wooden fences using pallets.

Check back 12 months from now and I will reveal which of these got done, and which stayed mere wishes.

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