History Of Wedding Flowers: How Did Wedding Flowers Get Started

For many brides, one of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning is choosing which flowers will be included in bouquets, centerpieces, and tablescapes. Flower color, texture, and quantity can set the tone of the wedding and create an atmosphere which ranges from comfortable casual to ultra-elegant.

Though floral arrangements in modern times exist mostly as a form of décor, learning more about ancient florists and flower bouquet wedding history can give us a better understanding of how the use of flowers has evolved over time – and it’s just fun to learn new things.

History of Wedding Flowers

With such a range in floral styles, tastes, and personal
preferences regarding the flower bouquet, wedding history and its impact on the
modern affair may not be so clear. In fact, many are left to ask, “why do we
have wedding flowers?” So how did wedding flowers get started? To answer that,
we’ll first need to take a look back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Evidence of flower bouquet wedding history can be dated back
to each of these cultures. Most commonly, herbs
and other fragrant foliage were used to create both bouquets and garlands. Unlike
their most common modern use, each of the plants selected was believed to have
a symbolic purpose. While many herbs were selected to honor their respective
deities, others were used as a way to ward off evil spirits.

Throughout the Middle Ages, flowers and herbs continued to
serve a symbolic purpose. In fact, in the Elizabethan and Victorian eras,
decorative flowers became prominent symbols in the wedding. Each flower was
associated with specific symbolism. Many traditional aspects of these flower
uses can still be seen today across a wide range of cultures. It is also in
this period of time that specific bouquet types began to appear. Floral crowns,
and more symmetrical designs all gained popularity during this time frame.

Regardless of the wedding you are planning, there are sure
to be floral options available which honor your own traditional values and
beliefs, as well as other more decorative and creative ways to use flowers on
the wedding day.

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