I really like life in the present day

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39 thoughts on “I really like life in the present day”

  1. Nothing kills me like hearing someone getting praised after they say they took a second job to pay for the student loan/car loan/credit card (clothes, food, junk on it). That's not fixing the problem of how you got there in the first place- its a band aid. Really like this video- the "work hard in the right areas" is beyond true. That may just have summed up everything wrong with my generation and our love of shortcuts and half hearted work.  

  2. God created the Heavens and the Earth in 6 days on the 7th day rested.
    Gods greatest passion is this project, and we are made in his image so if he works hard in his passion then so should we!

  3. Good stuff Glendon!
    I've been watching though all your videos for a few months now and it's awesome to hear you speak a lot of my own thoughts. Its freaking hilarious that people think they will be able to manage a 100k income when they can't deal with 30k, the higher you are the further the fall, learning the value based spending mindset is the first step on the path to financial freedom!

  4. Just found you, a couple days ago "No Ebay No Amazon More Money" saw that and knew to listen up! 
    idk if am even getting in the storage auction business, but seriously you drop gems like crazy!  Getting a real education just listening to the stories =D 

  5. Very Good Video. We are convinced over time that PROGRAMMING is the same as TRUE EDUCATION. The difference is PROGRAMMING is designed to shape you for another's beneficial agenda while True Education shapes you for your own best agenda.

    Completely agree, work hard for the right reasons….usually those are things beneficial to your growth and success so that you can be in a position to benefit yourself and others consistently and long term.

  6. Hey Glendon, I started watching your videos back when you first wrote your storage auction books.  You convinced me back then to just get up and go for it.  Now I'm making enough on ebay to cover my college tuition (pharmacy school).  Now I'm starting to look into private labeling will and continue to build business my whole life.  Thanks for the motivation man. 

  7. I dread the weekend because Saturday night is when my sales week ends.
    It can be great some weeks and not so hot some weeks depending on how the chips fall that week.
    It's either a pile of $ or a little bit of $.  So Saturday nights suck because even if it is good week my
    sales week has peaked and I have to start over on Sunday morning.

    The hustler dreads the end of the week while the 9-5er working for their master can't wait to bust out of their cage.

    Set up a (Mon- Sat) sales goal schedule and dread the end of the sales week it keeps u hungry hustlers…

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