New Year’s Gardening Resolutions: Celebrating A New Year In The Garden

I don’t know about anyone else, but my New Year’s
resolutions seem destined to be verbal promises with no hope of follow through.
That is unless they are New Year’s gardening resolutions. By the time New
Year’s Eve arrives (actually months before), gardening is literally all I can
think of. It’s already been months since I got my hands good and dirty, so I’ve
been dreaming and scheming about the next season’s garden.

New Year, New Garden

A new year in the garden promises and delivers a fresh
start, a chance to fix all the errors I’ve made in the garden and improve or
transform those spaces that need extra attention. Because I love to garden, I
end up with dozens of New Year’s gardening resolutions. Some may be minor, such
as hanging a new bird feeder, while others may be major, like having some trees
taken out or building
a terraced garden. Invariably, I will decide I need to plant a new shrub,
flowering perennial, vine or tree…or a few.

Reflecting on a new year in the garden also drums up some
more unusual New Year’s gardening resolutions. For instance, I thought I might
volunteer at the local botanical garden or teach small scale vertical
gardening to seniors. I, of course, resolve to read more gardening books,
especially in the next few months when snow and frost keep my itching hands
from mucking in the dirt. Another resolution I’m sure won’t sit on a shelf
collecting dust is to go on a gardening excursion. There are several lovely
public gardens near me that I haven’t seemed to make time to view. This year is
that time!

Another thing I’d like to do in the garden is crafting. I
plan to dry
flowers both for arrangements and press flowers for use on stationary. I’m
also going to pickle everything that isn’t nailed down this year.

I could go on and on about all of the gardening resolutions
I’m going to make, but just like any resolution, without some determination,
they aren’t going to happen. Plus, sometimes you need someone to help make your
gardening dreams come true, like a partner in crime so to speak.

So, on that note, I’m going on the gardening excursions with
my sister while I put my husband (aka: my partner in crime) to work cleaning
out the shed…a New Year’s gardening resolution I’m less than thrilled about.
Thanks, honey!

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