Winter Crafting Ideas: My Top Craft Projects For Fall And Winter

What else can a gardener do in winter but dream of and plan for spring? Get crafty in the garden, of course.

Winter Crafting Ideas

I love to take what I find in the garden in fall and winter and put it to use as indoor decorations. It helps me make it through the cold, dormant months. Here are three of my favorite craft projects.

Winter Centerpieces

The holiday dinner table is just calling out for a natural centerpiece. You don’t have to go to the florist or order out of season flowers to make something beautiful. I make winter centerpieces from what I find in my garden or can collect out on a walk:

Evergreen branchesPineconesBranches with berriesRose hipsBirch bark

You can get creative with these and other materials, laying them across the table like a runner or mixing them into baskets or vases. I like to make cylinders of the birch bark for natural vases. Stick some evergreens and berries in them for a gorgeous, natural arrangement.

Twig Craft Projects

An overlooked item, the twig, is a useful material for all kinds of crafts. Bear in mind that your first attempts may look “crafty.” But with practice you can make some really beautiful decorations. And winter craft ideas for using twigs are numerous, limited only by one’s imagination.

For example, I made twig snowflakes one year by arranging the twigs and using a hot glue gun to hold them together. You can make a starburst of twigs for a holiday wreath. Attach pinecones or evergreen branches to it. I’ve also used twigs and slightly larger pieces of branches to make little reindeer decorations for the Christmas dinner table.

Painted Acorns

One year I painted acorns and piled them in bowls for fall and winter decorations. Oak trees are abundant here, so a ten-minute walk provided enough nuts for a few small bowls. I put them on side tables in the living room.

For fall I used a light wash of acrylic paints in orange, yellow, and red, so the natural color showed through the paint. For the holidays, I used gold, silver, and white paint with some glitter for a more festive look. Just be sure to bake the acorns first to dry and sanitize them. A few hours on a baking tray at 170 degrees F. (77 C.) should do the trick.

I love having the time to make crafts. For me, winter is the best time to get crafty in the garden. I can’t do much else in the garden, so using natural materials for winter garden crafts to make something pretty helps me cope with the season.

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